Explaining the Different Ebike Classes

Explaining the Different Ebike Classes

If you're new to e-bikes, or just double-checking to make sure yours is the appropriate class for a place you intend on riding, you've come to the right place. Note that this class system isn't globally accepted, and may not even be mentioned in your local laws. However, it is getting more popular and worth getting familiar with. 


Class 1

This type is the closest to a bicycle and is more widely accepted. It has pedal assistance and doesn't go about 20mph.

Class 2

This class of ebike has assisted throttle, and goes up to 20mph, just like the first class. Note that the bike CAN go faster than 20mph, but that the motor only assists up to 20mph.

Class 3

This class of ebike has a motor that can assist the bike up to 28mph. Some places don't allow this in the bike lane, but allow it in the street. Other places will only allow it on certain paths. 

Class 4

This class isn't street-legal in most parts of the world and is closer to an electric dirt bike. The top speed for the motors on these bikes go above class 3 bikes, and it has pedals. Some places won't even list class 4 on their classifications.

Electric Dirt Bikes

These are essentially the same as other motorized dirt bikes but aren't powered by gasoline.

Did we miss anything?
Is there a class of ebike we missed? Let us know in the comments or in a message! We want to include all classifications if possible and will update this page as needed.

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