E-bike or Car? Biking to a Better Future: Repair Cost

E-bike or Car? Biking to a Better Future: Repair Cost

    Of course, this all depends on the age of your car, how often you drive it, and so on. The same thing applies to e-bikes. With that in mind, let’s talk about the cost of both.
    Cars are expensive, but the most expensive part of the car isn’t necessarily the car itself, but rather the continued cost of constant repairs and maintenance. Car parts are expensive, and if you’re inexperienced, you could end up damaging the part during the repair. In the US, the average joe is paid about 900-1,200$ in 2022 according to thebalancemoney.com.
    However we have to consider the fact that this is only an average, the price of less minor repairs can put you back a heck of a lot more. Thezebra.com does a great job at breaking down the costs of many types of car repairs/maintenance in their article “Under the hood: A look at average car repair costs in 2022.” In their article, they illustrate how in 2021 the most common check engine light repair cost, on average, was 1,355$.
    E-bikes are like cars in many ways, and needing repairs is one of them. Unlike cars, the initial cost for the bike itself is much less and so is the cost of repairs. Ebikegeneration.com says that e-bike owners are paying 100-150 on repairs or around 300 for professional services. The verdict? E-bike repairs are cheaper and we are going to be sticking with our bikes.


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