4 Ways an Ebike Will Help Your Teen

4 Ways an Ebike Will Help Your Teen

4 Ways an Ebike Will Help Your Teen

By Elizabeth Curtis, STR33TS.com

1. They Will Get More Outside Time


Being outside is essential for many reasons, even though we might be sick of hearing it. At the risk of sounding like everyone's parents ever, kids need to get outside. We all need vitamin D and fresh air, but more importantly, just getting out and experiencing nature once in a while is a crucial way to reset in our overly digitalized world.

By staying inside all day or just taking your minivan from point A to point B, your teens are missing out on a lot of opportunities to get outside. By getting them an Ebike, they will be given those opportunities back.


2. Bike Repairs Are a Great Way to Get Into STEM

Ebikes are complex, but not too complex for your teen. We suggest watching youtube tutorials together and then taking a step back, letting your teen learn as they go. With minimal supervision, you'll find that your child can be capable of a lot. And when they get stuck, you and youtube tutorials will be there to lend a helping hand. 

You find even find the two of you are learning a lot together. 

3. It Will Give Them Independence and Community

With an ebike, teens can gain the independence of mobility, ownership, and identity. Ebiking comes with a whole community, and the chance to go on group rides. Meet people who care about the environment, people who care about alternative commuting, or people who just think it is fun to ride together. 

To find these groups, consider stopping by local bike shops, libraries, Facebook Groups, and other places people gather. If there isn't a group established in your area, create one.


4. Drive Them Around Less

Driving teens around can take up a huge chunk of the day, a huge chunk of the gas budget, and might not align with your views on cars and emissions. Instead of driving them to the strip mall so they can eat pizza with their friends just so you can pick them up in an hour, give them the freedom to go there on their own and come back when the meeting naturally ends. 
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